This is a common question asked by people who are considering laser lipo treatments as a part of their fat reduction program. Laser lipo works on localized areas of the body so you can pick your problem spots for treatment. *For instance, it can help you with fat reduction on the lower belly, under the chin, or any other specific area that needs it. It does not work on the body as a whole. So, the answer to how many lipo treatments you need varies.

Six Treatments To See Results

Most of the time, people choose to have at least 6 treatments. This is generally considered to be a number of treatments that effectively reduce fat for typical problems. Six laser lipo treatments produce visible results that are lasting and worthwhile. Depending on how much fat you want to reduce in an area, 12 treatments may be more effective. Often people work out, eat healthy, and have a little stubborn fat they want to remove. These people should start with six. Others, who need a bit more, may want to start with 12. This decision is best made during a consultation with a skin care specialist.

One Laser Lipo Treatment To Dip Your Toe

You may get results in one or two treatments, however, those results are hardly noticeable. When spas offer one laser lipo treatment, such as Bellissimo You, they want clients who are curious about laser lipo to come in and experience the treatment. This allows them to have the laser lipo experience and determine if they are comfortable with the procedure.

One laser lipo procedure may have a slight effect, but for significant fat reduction, you *will want to go through at least 6 treatments. Six treatments is a good number to be able to truly see the effects of laser lipo for fat reduction.

Do One Area At A Time

Since laser lipo treats localized areas, you could possibly treat one problem area, and once you are happy with the results, move to treating another area of the body. The decision to treat multiple areas is up to you. There is no harm in doing laser lipo on a regular weekly interval for a year or more if you so desire with short breaks in between areas. At Bellissimo You, we recommend taking a month break if you intend on treating multiple areas. Other than that, you can do laser lipo until you have the body you want.

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How many laser lipo treatments do you need?

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