Although there are some contenders for the best chemical peel in Tampa, the Image Perfection Lift has got to be it. Of all the different facials and peels that we do, the Perfection Lift has the most powerful results. You can see from some of the before and after pictures below. We also have some before and after shots on our Bellissimo You Facebook page for you to check out. You can see that those results are hard to beat.  The Perfection Lift is excellent for treating sun spots, acne scars, and reducing wrinkles.*

The Perfection Lift Secret

If the best chemical peel in Tampa has a secret, it has two secrets. Disclaimer! We can’t give you the whole secret, but we’ll point you in the right direction. First, it uses a strong glycolic solution. Glycolic acid solution is the strongest of the chemical peel solutions commonly available at skin care spas. The other two chemical peel types usually used for peels are are salicylic and lactic.

The second secret is the blend of ingredients included in the peel. The Perfection Lift includes stem cells and retinol, an important age-fighting form of vitamin A.

The Perfection Lift was created by Image, one of the top cosmetic brands in the country. Image has a reputation for being one of the top brands in skin care, with quality and affordable products. The Perfection Lift is one of their most amazing creations.

Not For First Time Chemical Peel Users

The Perfection Lift is a powerful glycolic peel. It is not recommended for first time chemical peels. In fact, we want to have a little history with you before we do this peel. This is because we want to be certain that your skin will be able to handle the peel and benefit from its powerful healing action. But don’t fret. Our other peels are wonderful too. Starting with a milder peel and working your way up to the Perfection Lift is a great skin care strategy. It ensures that you get the results you want in a safe and effective manner.

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Best Chemical Peel In Tampa