Vitamin C is one of those vitamins that seem to do just about everything. We all know that vitamin C can help you fight the common cold, but did you know that it is a great vitamin for healthy skin too!

Why is vitamin C so incredibly essential? Specifically, this antioxidant strengthens blood vessels and gives skin its elasticity and strength, keeping you looking younger and fighting off the sun’s damaging rays.* When you are out and about in sunny Tampa, you need to do what you can to protect yourself from sun damage.

Benefits At A Glance

  • Protects From Sun Damage
  • Helps Maintain Youthful Appearance
  • No Side Effects

Want to keep you skin looking young? Vitamin C can help there too! Case studies among middle aged woman have shown that vitamin C is effective at maintaining skin health,  and that is the key to younger looking skin.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble, meaning your body doesn’t store or accumulate it. That means vitamin C is safe. You cannot overdose from taking too much. There are also no known side effects to taking too much, although we recommend sticking to the recommended daily dosages.

A daily dose of vitamin C can improve your hair, nails, and skin..  It helps prevent hangnails because vitamin C strengthens nails and helps them grow. It can also prevent hangnails. Taking vitamin C benefits hair, nails and skin.

Experts suggest that vitamin C might delay the signs of aging due to free radical damage. And the list of benefits goes on. Vitamin C is a boon for our health in all kinds of ways. It is no wonder vitamin C is the most popular vitamin in the world.

Vitamin C is a great addition to your sun protection kit.

See The Roles of Vitamin C in skin Health for a more technical discussion of Vitamin C’s effects on skin health.

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Vitamin C For Healthy Skin