Sun spots are a common skin problem here in Tampa. They are often caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV). When you are living in Tampa Bay, it is hard to avoid over exposure to the hot tropical sun. During the summer months, even a brief period in the sun unprotected by SPF lotion can lead to over exposure and skin damage.

Although they can appear at any age, sun spots usually affect us as we age. Prolonged periods in the sun add up over time. Sun spots affect people with lighter skin more often, but anyone can get a sun spot. We get them all over our bodies, but the ones on the face are especially troublesome. They take away from our natural beauty.

Fortunately, there are a number of options available for reducing facial sun spots. They range from home remedies to procedures requiring a doctor’s license. There are also a variety of services you can get at the day spa that help reduce sun spots. At Bellissimo You, we have a number of options that can be used individually or together to minimize sun spots, such as microneedling, dermaplaning, and chemical peels.

Home Remedies

There are many home remedies for sun spots that you can find by searching the Internet. Some of the more common home remedies include fresh lemon, aloe vera gel, green tea bags, buttermilk, vitamin e capsules, and red onion. Some of these remedies are acidic (lemon) and will act like mild peels, and others are soothing alkaline products known for their medicinal properties (aloe vera). If you try using one of these substances, you may have good results or you may have bad results. There is a big risk in using them.

Home remedies are not recommended by Bellissimo You. We regularly have customers come in to try to fix home remedies gone wrong. You can try some of these remedies at home and see if you get positive results. It is up to you. We believe it is safer to use established over-the-counter creams or get a treatment at the spa.

Over-The-Counter Remedies

There are a number of over-the-counter remedies for sun spots. Many of the over-the-counter products are usually based on specific chemicals, such as kojic acid, azelaic acid, or tretinion (vitamin A derivative). Renova Cream, for example, is a popular cream based on tretinion. These creams and ointments are popular and can be effective for mild cases of sun spots for some people.  Since the cost of these products are relatively low, they are often the first choice for people searching for solutions to sun spots.

Spa Remedies

When sun spots are more than a minor annoyance, it is time to look for more powerful solutions. Sun spots start small, but can grow into large blemishes. When you are looking in the mirror and see a sun spot, you may want to consider going to a day spa for a treatment. Spa treatments are are often more powerful than treatments you can get over-the-counter.

At Bellisimo You, we offer a variety of treatment options for sun spots and sometimes we use them in combination depending on the condition of the skin. Typically, we suggest clients try a chemical peel, microneedling, or dermaplaning to treat sun spots. Depending on the extent of the sun spots, or condition of the skin, we may suggest only one type of treatment or a combination of treatments.

Day spas have many options for treating sun spots. However, the most popular method is the chemical peel.  Chemical peels have many benefits and are often used  for reducing sun spots.* Your skin has many layers, and chemical peels ‘peel off’ the top layers of skin. Sun spots affect the upper layers of skin, so chemical peels are popular choices for reducing sun spot damage.

Repeat visits to the spa for a peel, dermaplaning, or micro needling session may significantly reduce sun spot damage. For instance, you could try the following combination: a peel or dermaplaning to remove the top layers of skin and microneedling to induce collagen production. This type of regimen can be very effective for reducing sun spot damage.

Sun Spot Or Melanoma?

If you think your sun spot is a melanoma, you should go to your dermatologist and get it tested. Even if you are a regular at the spa, it is important to have a dermatologist look at your skin any time you think there is an unusual growth.


Great options exist today that are used for reducing sun spot damage. Don’t let those sun spots take away from your natural beauty and bring you down. Find a solution that works for you.


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Reducing Sun Spots And Other Sun Damage To Skin