Image Skin Care At Bellissimo You TampaStem cells are a recent addition to the anti-aging ingredients now found in a lot of skin care products. Along with Retinol, they are now a big selling point in anti-aging skin care products. As with many new skin care ingredients, the science is still uncertain. There is a lot of hype, but anecdotal evidence suggests the effects are positive and beneficial.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are found in all multi-cellular organisms. They are the cells responsible for regeneration and differentiation. In other words, they create new cells of all different types. They are extremely important building blocks for cell growth and healing.

Stem Cells In Skin Care

Although there are a few companies selling human based stem cells for skin care, almost all stem cells found in skin care products come from plants. The plant stem cells are actually stem-cell extracts included in formulations for creams, peels, and other skin care products.

Plant stem cells are easier to cultivate and preserve than human stem cells. They are also much less controversial and much less expensive. This makes them the logical choice for inclusion in cosmetic products.

The amount of stem cell extract varies from product to product. Always check the ingredient list to see how much is being used in the product. More is not necessarily better. What counts is the effect the product has on your skin.

Why are they used to fight aging?

Stem cell extracts are used in cosmetics in order to stimulate the regenerative properties of the existing cells. By including them in cosmetics, skin care companies are hoping that the stem cells stimulate and strengthen this important anti-aging process.

This reported benefit is currently scientifically unproven. However, stem cells contain other elements that have beneficial effects on the skin. Stem cells that come from antioxidant-rich fruits or plants help fight free radicals and pollutants that damage the skin. So, their presence in peels, or creams are beneficial regardless of their regenerative properties.

Will they help regenerate existing cells? Too soon to tell. We will have to wait and see if scientific studies can prove it one way or another.

Anecdotal Evidence

Stems cells have been around long enough now to provide us with some anecdotal evidence. The general consensus seems to be that stem cells provide benefits and help with reducing wrinkles and fine lines.* They are not producing miracles, but work in a positive way with other ingredients to produce good results. Even if you are skeptical about their regenerative properties, there is no harm in having stem cells in the ingredient list.

What role do they play in facials and peels?

Stem cell extracts are usually mixed in with other ingredients that are beneficial to your skin. An anti-aging peel or cream will have a variety of ingredients: stem cells, Retinol, and other ingredients known to be effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Many cosmetic companies do extensive testing of different formulations before bringing products to market. Going with a quality brand such as Image is a good idea with all cosmetic purchases because of their testing and quality control.

Should you look for stem cells in your next facial or peel?

Yes. Absolutely. Stems cells are quickly becoming a part of the mix of ingredients that make up quality, effective skin care products.

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Stem Cells In Anti-Aging Cosmetics