eyelash extensions in tampaThe holidays are in full swing with a lot of parties and family events coming up. It’s a busy and fun time of the year. If you enjoy meeting people, going out, and being seen, this is the best time of the year. And you want to look  your best.

Lots Of Great Spa Services

The spa has plenty of services to help you knock’em dead at those parties. If you need to lose a couple of pounds to fit into a dress, ultrasonic cavitation or some laser lipo can do the trick. If you want to get rid of a few pimples, the Image Acne Lift is a  great choice.* Or, if you just need to take a moment and relax, our pumpkin facial can help you relax and get re-energized. But, with all those choices, one of the best things you can do for a big impact is to get eyelash extensions.

Eyelashes Create Big Impact

Eyelash extensions make a big impact. They make your eyes pop and people take notice. If you look at the pretty ladies in the magazines and Hollywood stars, take a good look and you’ll notice they have one thing in common. Eyelash extensions! Today, eyelash extensions are not just accessories for the ladies in Hollywood or fashion models. Many spas now have licensed aestheticians skilled in creating beautiful eyelash extensions. Make eyelash extensions your best accessory for the holidays.

Eyelash Extensions At Bellissimo You

At Bellissimo You, our eyelash extensions are permanent and don’t fall off until your natural lashes fall off. Low cost fill-ins are available if you need them. What does that really mean? The first set should last for a few weeks and then you can get fill-ins every two to four weeks.

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Eyelash Extensions For The Holidays