The PRP Facial, a.k.a., the Vampire Facial uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) as an infusion while microneedling the face. What is PRP and why would you want to infuse it underneath your facial skin?

Platelet-Rich Plasma

separating PRP in centrifugePRP is produced by separating it from the whole blood using a centrifuge. The resulting liquid plasma is further divided into platelet-rich plasma and platelet-poor plasma. The platelet-rich plasma (middle layer of the separated liquids) contains high concentrations of platelets and protein rich plasma. This solution contains growth factors that help the body to heal and platelets to help blood coagulation, further enhancing the healing process.

PRP In Sports Medicine

Platelet-rich plasma is often used to heal sports injuries in professional athletes, especially when the injuries involve soft tissue. Although there are no definitive studies as yet, preliminary findings are showing that PRP helps quicken the healing process.

PRP is being used more and more in sports medicine and has found its way into cosmetics via the PRP (Vampire) Facial: a micro needling service using PRP as an infusion.

PRP Improves Healing When Micro Needling

microneedling services in TampaMicro needling produces micro punctures on the face in order to induce the production of new collagen and elastin. When PRP is used as an infusion, it enhances the healing process.* In other words, collagen and elastin production is quicker and more effective, promising faster recovery and better results.

A Safe Infusion

An added benefit in the PRP Facial is that the infusion is taken from your own blood so it cannot cause a bad reaction. So, there is no down side and a significant upside when using PRP to enhance a micro needling service.

Going Deeper

Below are a few links if you are interested in going deeper. They delve into the science more than we did in the article above and may be of interest.

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What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma?