Get a one-hour massage at Bellissimo You and walk out of our spa feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. We offer a lymphatic massage, a relaxing massage, and a deep tissue massage. Couples are welcome!

*AMAZING FACIAL AND FULL BODY MASSAGE!! I came in so stressed and left teary eyed!! … So professional and caring and really does what is best for the client!! I LOVE THIS SPA!!! (*Results may vary from person to person.)
— Ellynne

Massage can be used to:

  • Relax
  • Detoxify
  • Rejuvenating
  • Relieve Tension
  • Reduce Anxiety

Massage (prices for one hour, ask about 2 hour prices)


Lymphatic massage is a gentle massage intended to promote the natural drainage of the lymph. The lymphatic system is a part of the circulatory system and immune system. It has many functions, including the disposal of metabolic waste and defending the immune system. Lymphatic massages are often used as a part of a detox program. They are sometimes recommended when doing liposuction, laser lipo, or ultrasonic cavitation. They can assist in the removal of dead cells and toxins from the body. A lymphatic massage can also be used to compliment a variety of body sculpting services.

Price: $90 for one full hour

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is similar to a Swedish massage, but goes into the deeper layers of muscle. Deep tissue massage also focuses on breaking down muscle knots. Knots or adhesions, are areas of thick muscle fiber often created by overuse, dehydration, or injury. Deep tissue massage can be very beneficial for chronic muscle tension.

Price: $85 for one full hour

Swedish massage is intended for full body relaxation and is the most well known type of massage. The focus is on relaxing the superficial muscles of the body and improving circulation.
Price: $80 for one full hour


Our sports massage is geared for athletes by using sports massage techniques specific to an athlete’s sport. Special attention is paid to areas of the body are stressed or overused. Sports massage is gaining popularity and can be used as a part of a balanced fitness and training program. A sports massage can be used as a way to enhance preparation for an event or to speed recovery after an event. If you are actively involved in some athletic activity, a sports massage can help your performance and recovery. It can be a great addition to your athletic program.

Price: $85 for one full hour

License: MM36730

Why Get A Massage?

There are many benefits to getting a massage. A massage can help you relive stress, anxiety, and sleep better. A massage can reduce muscle tension and help you get rid of those nasty tension headaches. And that is just a small sampling of the great benefits of getting a massage. The American Massage Therapy Association (amta) lists 25 benefits in this massage article.

Which Massage Should I Get?

The deep tissue massage is excellent for athletes. It can reduce muscle tension, speed recovery, and increase range of motion. If you get banged up in your in your sport of choice, deep tissue massage does wonders. Our Swedish massages are excellent all-around massages. *A massage may be the perfect antidote for stress relief. Athletes should choose a sports massage.

Stress is a silent killer and reduces our enjoyment of life. Confrontations at work, or traumatic life events can lead to a high level of stress. A relaxing massage helps you get back on an even keel and face the challenges of everyday living. Finally, a lymphatic massage is often recommended when doing liposuction, laser lipo, and cavitation. It can speed the removal of dead cells and toxins from the body. A lymphatic massage is an ideal compliment to our body sculpting services.

What Is A Spa Day Without A Massage?

A massage is a great compliment to some of our other services. A massage and a facial is a very popular spa combo. If you want to have a spa day with a friend, come in, have a glass of wine and enjoy a facial and a relaxing massage. You can mix and match services to make it a perfect day for you. Call and ask what some of the more popular choices are for a spa day massage combo.

Massage Near Me

If you are looking for a massage nearby, stop by our Tampa spa. We are centrally located in Tampa and a short drive from many Tampa neighborhoods. Are you in Carrollwood, Egypt Lake-Leto, or Town ‘n’ Country, even Westchase, University, or North Tampa? Then you are just a few moments away. If you are looking for massage near me, call us and we’ll do our best to get you in right away.

*Results may vary from person to person. Results are not guaranteed.

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