facial-relaxing-sleep-galleryNote: We are no longer  doing body scrubs. Sorry for the inconvenience.

A coffee body scrub is a relaxing treatment using coffee as a main ingredient. A body scrub is a lot like a facial for the body. It does not affect the underlying muscles, so it is not  considered a massage, and an aesthetician can perform the service. In a coffee body scrub, the coffee grounds act like a mild abrasive exfoliating the skin. The grounds are mixed into natural oils to help soften and hydrate during the treatment. Coffee body scrubs are generally considered healthy and beneficial.

Coffee scrubs can be used to:

  • Exfoliate the skin
  • Temporarily Reduce Cellulite
  • Improved Blood Circulation

*The coffee in the scrub helps reduce cellulite for a time (3 to 4 hours).

Coffee body scrubs are exfoliating. They remove the top layer of dead skin and expose a new living layer of skin. When you scrub the body, the coffee mechanically grinds the skin, removing the dead top layer. The coffee ground gently brushes out the dead layer skin during the treatment.

Coffee is loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants help counteract free radicals and help with cancer prevention and cell damage. A very important process to our general health and well being. (See The Protective Role of Antioxidants in the Defence against ROS/RNS-Mediated Environmental Pollution)

At Bellissimo You, our coffee body scrub contains a blend of soothing and natural oils that make you feel revitalized and relaxed.

Price: Discontinued

*Results vary from person to person.  Results are not guaranteed. Read full disclaimer here.