Now offering the Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction Program at Bellissimo You Day Spa. Innovation is the name of our game at Bellissimo You. I tried this treatment while away on vacation and was so impressed by it that I’ve decided to start doing it here at Bellissimo You.

Ionithermie is used for firming, toning and detoxifying. Ionithermie treatment assists the body to release trapped fluids that create an uneven skin texture and the appearance of pockets of fat. At the same time, it replenishing the skin with vital trace elements.

Ionithermie therapy can also be use for spot reduction and lifting. If you work out regularly and need a little help to firm and lift the buttocks, then opt for a course of the lonithermie Cheek Lift, which focuses on the buttock area. You can choose Ionithermie tummy toning sessions as an alternative if that is the main area of concern. Ionithermie is customized to address your unique concerns.

How does Ionithermie work? Ionithermie enhances the body’s natural function using the wonderful benefits of detoxifying marine plants along with galvanic and faradic stimulation. It works on a cellular level using the process of ionization through galvanic stimulation to penetrate to the deeper levels of the skin and break down trapped fluids. Faradic stimulation causes the muscles to flex and relax, helping the lymphatic process and increase circulation. These forces combine to reduce the appearance of cellulite and can help you lose inches quickly.

Cost: $170 per treatment.

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