Bellissimo You offers state of the art body sculpting services using cavitation and radio frequency devices. These new technologies are all the rage and for good reason. They are easy and safe. We also have great body wrap options to slim down and detoxify. Give something new a try.

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Ultrasonic Cavitation helps reduce fat in problematic areas of the body. Learn more.

Radio Frequency Treatments tone and tighten loose skin. Learn more.

Body Wraps help you slim and detox problem areas. Learn more.

Infrared Body Suit Wrap is a full body wrap with many benefits. Learn more.

Body Sculpting At The Spa

When people think of body sculpting, they often have images of rigorous workouts or wickedly restrictive diets. At the spa, things work differently. All you have to do is to show up and the aestheticians do the rest. The body sculpting services available at the spa can serve as a great complement to other body sculpting activities. If you like to go to the spa and maintain a healthy nutritious diet, services, like ultrasonic cavitation and RF skin tightening can get you the amazing body you want without having to sacrifice all the fun in your life.

Body sculpting spa services are for people of all shapes and sizes. Each of us can do with some gentle and relaxing treatments that help us look and feel better. That is what it is really all about. Use our body sculpting services to look your best and feel your best.

Non-Invasive Fat Removal

All our body sculpting services are non-invasive. New technologies, such as ultrasonic cavitation and radiofrequency skin tightening have revolutionized body sculpting. These body sculpting technologies are safe, effective and affordable. No surgery means no doctor, no medical team, and much lower costs. Losing inches and looking great is fractions of the cost just ten years ago. There is no reason not to take advantage of these advances in technology to look your best.