body wraps for body sculptingWant to go down a dress size?

Losing weight can be a chore: long hours at the gym and impossible diets. That is a lot of work just to take off a few pounds and loose a couple of inches. Relentless dieting and exercise are difficult and not for most of us. So, how then can we lose inches and slim down? * Simply Slender Body Wraps is a great way to lose inches that is easy and effective.

Body wraps not only help you loose those inches and hard to remove weight, but they do it by detoxifying the body. A slenderizing cream is applied at the same time as the wrap. It contains bentonite, a detoxifier, and other minerals that detoxify and rejuvenate the skin, while removing inches! At Bellisimo You we use Simply Slender Body Wraps. Simply Slender is the premier provider of body wraps.

Benefitsbody wrap services tampa

  • Skin Looks Rejuvenated
  • Cellulite Is Diminished
  • Visibly Tightens Skin
  • Removes Toxins From Skin

What Does A Treatment Involve?

When you sign up for a Simply Slender Body Wrap, a mineral solution si applied to your skin, then your skin is wrapped up on porous plastic bandages. The bandages are typically left on for an hour. After treatment, place where you applied the body wrap *will be tighter, look better and contain less toxins.

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Body Wrap Benefits

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